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Ideas y Projects

You've got the memories and the photos, now decide what kind of book you want to make.

Your Life

A journey, a child’s birth, a wedding, an anniversary, a school reunion, each and every one of these life changing moments and others alike deserve to be treasured and shared. Take your stories to a whole new level, transforme them into high quality printed photo albums or coffe-table books.

Check out the variety of book formats we have available for you.

Your Business

Share your business story: create a unique book-report to showcase its success to your partners and investors. Show the world what you're capable of and start bringing in more clients and new revenue. Together we can create books that reflect the work, passion and dedication that makes your business a success.

Album: Encuentro Escolar de Exalumnas

Your Memories

Home recipes, family history, and house stories, don’t let time wipe away any them. Write them down, document them with photos (old or new) or illustrations, surely many wonderful books will come out.

Your Passions

Art, photography, modeling, acting, no matter what your passion is, this is the chance to publish your portfolio. Show others the skills you have, leaving nothing to the imagination. With Tu-FotoAlbum you can print one to multiple copies of you portfolio.

Libro de Novela, Poesía o Monografía

Your Writings

Your latest novel or those poems you have been writing all these years, your college thesis, who knows. Now more than ever the possibilities of becoming a published author are endless.

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